Monday, 19 November 2012

Oh, It's Easy...

After having had the AA Disco Pants for almost a year I had started to get bored of them while still remaining in love with them though. I wanted something different, but just as flattering and comfortable  I only ever wear high waisted bottoms... and so when AA started to do the Easy Jean I just had to have it.

For anyone thinking of getting them, that already had Disco Pants, I would recommend to buy the same size you already have... even though at lot of people say to buy a size up.

So these are my new babies! I love them to pieces... seriously like unconditional love! My socks are from Topshop and I love love love them too!

Overall I would recommend these jeans to everyone! However, they're about £64 so it might be wise to try them on in store before breaking the bank (just to be on the safe side.) :)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! 

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Saturday, 17 November 2012

What I wore for Prize Giving 2012!

About a week ago I was invited back to my old High School, along with my friends, to collect my GCSE certificates. As a surprise I was also awarded the Headteacher's Attendance Trophy for having the best attendance in my year group over the whole 5 years! Yay! And this is what I wore...
Sorry about the poor camera quality but these are the only photos of the night that I have! 
Dress - Topshop
Clutch - Primark 
Necklace - Topshop

 I had such a fun night and so proud that I won a trophy... GO ME! 

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Sunday, 11 November 2012

November Wishlist!

This is my November wishlist. I have just been told I got a job at Nando's and also it has just been my birthday so I'll have more money to spend on clothes and stuff! Yay! 

From left to right
Military Boyfriend Coat from River Island
Topshop Floral Cami
Topshop Long-sleeve Crop Top
Topshop Knitted Grill Cardigan
Laura Mercier Secret Concealer 
Black Dr Martens
Black American Apparel Easy Jean (Already been ordered woooo!)
Studded River Island Holdall 

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

I'm a Geekkk! #OOTD

This is my first EVER outfit of the day! I'm really bad at posing for photos so please take that on board! Haha!

Firstly, the red lipstick is Ruby Woo by Mac that my amigo ( and my other friend bought me for my birthday. I love it because it is so bright and I like having bright lips! Also, it's matte and looks really soft and velvety. I loveeee it too because it's something that I wanted but never have to guts to buy myself because of the price and the fact I'm quite a cheapo when it comes to make-up!

The necklace is from another friend. It's by Freedom @ Topshop. It's so gorgeous and the charms are adorable and so simple. <3

Jumper - Topshop
Blouse - H&M
Disco Pants - American Apparel
Trainers - Nike @ JD

This outfit is so comfy, but after looking at the photos I don't think I'll wear my disco pants with them. They aren't very flattering so mabye some light-weight leggings will look a bit better! 

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

 So the 6th of November is my birthday, I am now 17!! I thought I'd share with you a few of the bits I got and also threw in a few of the things of been buying myself lately so you can get an idea of what I'll be reviewing the up and coming weeks! 

This is the Volume Million Lashes Mascara by L'oreal. I've not used it enough yet to have much of an opinion but I absolutely love the container it comes in, so chic! 
Next is the Out of This World Lush bath set. I really cannot wait to use this as I'm sure it will not disappoint as lush always exceeds my expectations. Review coming soon. :)

This is the L'oreal black Contour Kohl Eyeliner. I'm not big on black eyeliners but I shall give it a go!

Gloves, gloves, gloves... Needless to say they are essential if, like me, you have to endure the freezing cold temperatires that come with living in the UK. Anyway, Primark have a wide range of different coloured and different material gloves in store now and all at really cheap prices too! So, I picked up a double pack of two plain black gloves for £1 to last me through the winter months that lie ahead. Brrrrr....

These are my new flatform shoes from River Island. I've wanted a nice smart pair of black shoes that still have a youthful edge and I think these are perfect  they have a lacey lining on the outside, a faux suede flatform and a slightly pointed toe. LOVE!

p.s just an update, I returned these shoes. After some thought, as much as I love them, the backs are really hard and I don't think they will be too comfy. :(

These socks were £2.50 which I view to be quite pricey for Primark. However, these are such cute socks with speckles of glitter in and will look adorable with cropped jeans, disco pants or a nice pair of shoes.

Last, but by no means least, my glittery velvet Topshop dress. I have wanted this for a while and finally got it today! The fit is really flattering and the skater skirt bottom is super girly. However, the glitter is a bit annoying and keeps flaking off everywhere  BUT I still love it and for around £41 (with student discount) I think I found a good bargain.

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

THE White Eyeliner

 Recently I picked up the MUA white eyeliner for the bargain price of £1! Wow, still can't get over that. Anyway, I bought it to open up my eyes more as I feel like black eye liner seems to make my eyes look smaller. I didn't fancy buying a really costly one before I knew if it even worked or if I even liked it. I am so happy with this £1 one and I didn't expect the high quality that it was either. More of my opinion is here.
White Eye-liner on waterline

Firstly, I applied the white liner to my water line as it really changes the shape of your eyes by opening them up  more.

Secondly, I applied the eyeliner to my inner tear ducts and then blended it in with my finger. This step makes your eye look a lot brighter.

Below are the other eye products eye also used to achieve this look! This includes a Rimmel Eyebrow pencil, Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara and my Bobbi Brown Black Eyeliner.

Here is a really useful Youtube video I found with some great white eyeliner tips... ENJOY!

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Friday, 2 November 2012

MUA Mini Make-up Haul

Again, apologies for the poor camera quality!

MUA Makeup Academy, which you can delve into more detail right here, is a recent new makeup brand I have found. Pretty much all of their makeup is under £4... that's right, I didn't make a typo. That includes primers, foundations and palettes

The other day when I was in Superdrug and stumbled across MUA I decided to pick up a few things from their collection.

 1. This is the MUA Shade 1 Bronzer (£1.00). I particularly like the shimmer in this bronzer which you can see on the image to the left. I find that I have to be careful with this bronzer and really have to try to not make myself look a tad too orange. I really like it though! The colour isn't too dark for my skin tone and it looks great instead of using blusher. In my opinion it is just as good as any other bronzer I have ever used.
 2. This is the Intense Colour Snow White Eye Liner. I've been wanting to try a white eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger and more bright and was even planning on spending around £20 on one from Selfridges. Luckily, I found this one for £1.00. It's great. Does the job just fine and goes on really smoothly. Plus, it comes with it's own sharpener on the lid which is even more convenient. I'll do a solo review of this once I get my camera up and running again!
 3. These are the MUA Lispticks in Shade 1 and Shade 2. Both are rather wintery colours and are very warming on the face.

Shade 1 is a bright red berry kind of colour. Shade 2 is more of a gothic purple (which I love). Both come in at only £1.00. The texture of the lipsticks isn't as nice and as soft as brands like Rimmel and Bobbi Brown but the result in my opinion isn't anything bad. Great if you just want a random wild colour for just one night.

Top - Shade 2
Bottom - Shade 1

Thanks for reading!