Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Lazy Girl Guide to Skincare

Being a girl who loves loves loves makeup, it is definitely a struggle to fight past my laziness every day. I find putting makeup one quite enjoyable and it can take me anything from like 10 minutes to 40 minutes depending on what mood I am in.

However, taking it off is no way near as fun. The first thing I always want to do when I get in is take my makeup off, because after a long day it just feels ewww. Once I walk in the door and hop onto my uni bed though, it is something that I just don't like finidng the energy to do.

However, I have NEVER ever gone to sleep in my makeup (apart from the occasional sleepover) and it is something that you shouldn't do. It is terrible for your skin and you need to let in breathe every once in a while. So however tired you are it is essential that you remove it all completely and let your skin have a well-deserved break.

Here is what I usually do... and as a uni student, I find this to be both economically and time efficient.

I usually start of by using my face wipes. I find that any brand of face wipes tends to work well and you just need to find the ones that work for you and don't irretate your skin. Garnier is always a winner! Lately, I have discovired a brand called St. Ives and I bought a 35 pack of wipes for £1 something... bargain! Especially considering usually packs only contain 25.

Of course, a wipe is never enough. When people tell me they only use a wipe, it really shocks me. If you do, I recommend you take a cleanser after you have wipes and see all the makeup that comes off that you thought you had removed!

I use the Garnier Miecclar Water. It is cheap and very cheerful. It removes all kinds of makeup and is perfect for all skin types.

Next, I have been using the Body Shop tea tree cleanser. I have very bad skin and I find that this helps it a little. Although, I am still on the search for something even better.

Last but by no means least, MOISTURISER! Arguably the most important step in skincare. Ever since I started wearing makeup at the age off 11, I have always use a face and eye cream. It will help keep the wrinkles at bay and keep you looking as fresh as a daisy. Plus, a smooth base helps makeup go on better. 

After this you may like you use a serum or night cream. My favourite night cream is Origins Drink Up Intensive, it is a serious Holy Grail product for me, and I don't say that about many things. In spite of my oily skin, this doesn't even make it worse. It makes my skin smooth and works like a dream.

What products do you use at night?

 x Katie x