Wednesday, 13 February 2013

<3 Beauty Haul Essentials <3

So, I have been bad and not posted in a while! However, this means I have more time to shop so it's not all bad. And I have been working hard elsewhere which makes me feel less guilty! This is just a teeny tiny haul of a few of my fave recent purchases in the beauty side of things! ENJOY! 

Say hello to my new best friend... yes, I am talking about my new Mac Pro Longwear foundation. This is my one true love and just in time for Valentine's day, too! My shade in this is NC15. (Yes, I am as pale as a ghost.) I am always on the search for a new foundation that is 'the one'. I have read so many varied reviews on Mac foundations. It seems that people either love love love them or find that they break them out or irritate their skin. This caused me to panic a bit so I popped into Selfridges and asked for a couple of samples as I didn't fancy paying £24.50 on something that didn't do the job for me! However, this is my new all-time favourite foundation (at the moment.) Out of all the ones I have tried this is by far the best. At this price, it isn't the cheapest but definitely isn't enough to quite break the bank and it is also very worth the money in my case. I have very oily skin and find that throughout the day I have to keep blotting my skin and then by the time I get home my makeup has already ran halfway down my face anyway! BUT this foundation seems to do the trick and really lives up to its 'longwear' title! Definitely worth a purchase or even just picking up a little sample at your nearest Mac counter.

My next beauty crush is this Topshop Lipstick in 'Secret Admirer'. I have wanted to buy a nice, soft, pinky lipstick for a while now. I have also wanted to try a Topshop lippy as I have never bought one before. I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and impulsed by this while waiting in the Topshop queue. It is so soft and really matches up to the quality of my Bobbi Brown Lipsticks. It only costs £8, so at the fraction of the price of higher end lippies but near-enough the same quality I will definitely be looking into wider variety of shades in the future! 

Next in line is my Bare Minerals eyelid primer. I bought this near Christmas time as it came in a set which was on sale. I didn't really even notice it a first but when I got it home I thought I'd give it a try! Usually, when I don't use an eyelid primer, I find my eyeshadow to be really dry on my eyes and even turn a bit flakey (not attractive, I know.) When I use this, it sets a nice base for my eyeshadow or if I leave it on alone it leaves my eyelids with a nice, natural shimmer that lasts all day. Such a nifty little thing!

Another impulse till buy here. I had no idea Primark even did face wipes... up until now that is. These wiped come in scented, unscented and oil balancing versions. I picked up the scented ones because I thought the packet was pretty. These a such a bargain as it is a twin pack with a total of 50 wipes! They don't do anything spectacular but are perfect for sleepovers, weekends away or even just to throw in your bag at a festival!

 Hope you enjoyed reading!
What are you latest beauty essentials?
xxx Katie xxx